Scholar - Rabbi Danny Cohen

Brooklyn born Rabbi Danny Cohen moved to Israel with his parents when he was six years old.  The family settled in Psagot where while growing up, his Torah lessons came to life.  Serving in the Israeli army, the Rabbi made the rank of sergeant in a combat unit.  He remains active in the reserves as a combat soldier.   Following his army service, Rabbi Cohen married Batsheva Moses from Katzrin.  They moved to Kiryat Arba where they worked to promote and protect the Jewish  community in Hebron. Today, Rabbi Cohen is the Chabad Shiliach in Hebron.  Despite the constant danger, the Rabbi is warm, caring and always wearing a smile.  With nearly 1,500 security personnel in the vicinity of Hebron, Rabbi and Rebbitzin Cohen host welcome and farewell parties every four months for the incoming and outgoing units.  The Cohens infuse the soldiers with enough Yiddishikiet and love to last a lifetime.   Acting on the importance of performing mitzavim with everyone, each Shabbat, after Friday night dinner, the entire Cohen family, children included, take soup to the soldiers. Each week the Rebbitzin visits the female soldiers and gives them Shabbat candles to light. On Rosh Hashanah, Rabbi Cohen goes from out[post to outpost blowing shofar for individual and groups of soldiers.    Rabbi Cohen has a personal goal of restoring Chabad properties in Hebron and reviving the Chasidus spirit that once permeated the community.  You can follow Rabbi Cohen's exciting work at