Scholar - Mrs. Chaya Teldon

Mrs. Chaya Teldon is a native of Detroit and attended high school and religious seminary in Crown Heights, New York.  In 1977, Chaya and her husband, Rabbi Tuvia Teldon, co-founded Lubavitch of Long Island, which now has 26 centers and 35 Rabbis around the Island. Besides her duties as director of The Jewish Academy of Suffolk County, and mother of six children, Chaya still finds time to write, teach and counsel. Her newest accomplishment is being promoted to "Bubbie." Mrs. Teldon has lectured throughout the US, in Israel, Ireland, Australia, Canada, England, Argentina and South Africa. The New York Times called her the “Erma Bombeck” of Jewish Speakers. A typical remark upon seeing a newly constructed ritual bath: "I must say, it could be featured in better homes and mikvahs!" Her humor and warmth, mixed with the Jewish wisdom of the ages, reaches and touches all ages and populations.