Scholar - Mr. Mordecai Dzikansky

Mordecai Dzikansky, Retired Detective First Grade, spent his 25-year police career with the New York City Police Department. A Brooklyn native, Dzikansky's career began as a uniformed patrolman. Periods in the homicide and detective squads led to selection as a lead investigator of the then newly formed specialized Torah Task Force in 1993. From 2003 until 2007, Dzikansky was in Israel as the first NYPD Intelligence Division Overseas Liaison to the Israel National Police. His intelligence gathering and immediate relay of key information back to NYC enhanced the Department's ability to recognize, react to, and prevent or recover from terrorist acts. In 2009, two of his written works were published in Countering Terrorism (National Academy of Sciences). Currently, Dzikansky lectures and consults to law enforcement and academics on global security and policing topics using his expertise to provide first-hand analysis of the current terror trends, lessons learned, and worldwide application to prevent and respond to terrorism.