In 1789, as the soil of Europe was transformed with the French Revolution and the ensuing Emancipation, Rabbi Schnuer Zalman of Liadi was writing a short book that would redefine the soul of Judaism for the new era. Enlightenment and modernity posed an existential threat for Judaism and fractured the Jewish world, yet the exposition of Kabbalah and Chassidism in the 18th century allowed Jews to discover a sophistication in their faith that would redefine the meaning of Liberty, Fraternity and Equality and would show the relevance of Torah in a modern world.

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National Jewish Retreat

Established in 2006, JLI's annual National Jewish Retreat has been dubbed "the Jewish event of the year," offering five days of luxury and learning and an unprecedented over 150 sessions with forty of the world's leading Jewish personalities. Participants get to mingle with renowned speakers, scholars, and authors as they enjoy first-class gourmet cuisine and 5-star accommodations in an immersive Jewish experience.

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