Mordecai Dzikansky is the son and grandson of rabbis, but he chose a different path to community service: he’s a cop with the New York City Police Department. As an orthodox Jew and a policeman, Dzikansky has faced unique challenges and brings unique knowledge and talents to his position. Dzikansky served on the task force assigned to investigate the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane (may G-d avenge his blood) and the shooting of teenager Ari Halberstam (may G-d avenge his blood). Dzikansky shares stories from his time in service; including one involving a thief, a chassidic fence, and a sukkah. Following a personal brush with death during 9-11, Dzikansky was sent by the NYPD to Israel to learn first hand about how to handle suicide bombings. His position as NYPD Intelligence Division Overseas Liaison allowed him an inside understanding of terrorism, and the chance to indentify the real enemy of peace in the Middle East.

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