Rabbi Fajnland takes us through a journey outlining the Jewish ideal of leadership. Using Adam as our guide, we will revisit Eden. If you have questions about how Eden is relevant to our inconstant modern world, this is the class for you. This session will include a discussion about the beginning of time, when everything was perfect, except one thing: free will. Learn more about why God, in a stroke of artistic genius created an imperfect world, and reveal the perhaps just as intriguing story of how the choices Adam and Eve made in a few hours changed the course of human history. A serpent, a mysterious Tree of Life, two almost angelic beings living in a garden of complete paradise: What is this story really about? Is it truly as simplistic as it seems at first glance? What did Adam and Eve actually want to achieve by eating from the Tree? Explore the behind the scenes story while you revisit an era of volatility.

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