For some of us, G-d is like a critical Parent or an exacting heavenly Judge. For others, G-d is like a caring Friend Who is there to fix problems after we create them. This talk helps us discover a mature, sophisticated, and empowering understanding of G-d and reclaim the power we’ve replaced with negative images of G-d or passive images of ourselves, and thereby tap the wellspring of holiness from within. To learn more with Rabbi David Aaron visit his website at:

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National Jewish Retreat

Established in 2006, JLI's annual National Jewish Retreat has been dubbed "the Jewish event of the year," offering five days of luxury and learning and an unprecedented over 150 sessions with forty of the world's leading Jewish personalities. Participants get to mingle with renowned speakers, scholars, and authors as they enjoy first-class gourmet cuisine and 5-star accommodations in an immersive Jewish experience.

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