We’ve all seen those nested matryushka dolls, but it takes Mrs. Chaya Teldon to use them to teach the chassidic concept of reaching one’s true essence; and then to challenge us with the question, “What does it mean to parent from one’s essence?” It means understanding that “there’s no mistakes in the coming and going of souls.” It means realizing that when we’re taking care of something that’s not ours (the souls G-d entrusted into our hands — i.e., “our” children) that we must employ extra-special care. That teaching our children honor and respect is a life-long gift. That the relationship between parent and child predates birth and lasts long after death. That G-d is not some sort of “cosmic bell-hop” ready to jump at the ring of our bell. That teaching our children about modesty, kindness, and personal responsibility starts when they are toddlers. With warmth, nurturing, and the wisdom that comes of long experience, Mrs. Chaya Teldon establishes a clear vision of what it means to parent with G-d and our essence in mind.

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